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"No regrets, do what you can to the best of your ability and be happy with that."

I grew up in Sheridan WY, and spent most of my time in the Big Horn Mountains above Sheridan. I love to hunt, fish, ride ATV’s, motorcycles (dirt/harley) which I learned to ride before my bicycle, raising my son to be confident in his abilities and spending time with my family. My greatest and most prominent outdoor sport is snowmobiling. I take my snowmobiling and promotion of the sport very seriously. I have ridden snowmobiles most of my entire life. I started riding on my own at the age of 5 years old. By the age of 10 years old, I was done riding on the designated easy “ladies ride” only. Instead, I would ride with my dad on the “guys only” rides. I am always trying to improve on my last ride. Every time I go out I want to be a better and safer rider than I was the last time. I push my self hard to be the best I can be, although sometimes it is just not my day. I never give up trying to be better and still make it fun even when the snow and the mountain are not cooperating. Not many women were or are aggressive riders and many are never given the opportunity to try to become better riders. I feel it is NOT just a man’s sport anymore and this is my opportunity to get more women involved and make them more confident in their ability to ride and enjoy snowmobiles. In an effort to get more women involved, I belong to my local snowmobile club and promote the sport by doing fundraisers that involve the sport.

I continually try to make snowmobiling more enjoyable for others, by educating non snowmobilers to the family fun, encouraging club membership and promoting all aspects of snowmobiling. When I do meet a lady that is new to the sport, I try to offer suggestions and demonstrations on how to make it more enjoyable and fun for them. The more fun someone has the more likely they are to get others involved in this sport. I hope to get more females interested, noticed and involved in a male dominated sport. I really feel that it is very beneficial to the motorized sports industry that women are involved, it provides more numbers, promotes family activities, and provides opportunity to grow the sport and help in the fight for snowmobile/ORV trail systems and multiple use of public lands that we all love so much.


Home Town: Gillette, WY

Discipline: Back Country Extreme Riding

Snowmobile: 2013 Ski Doo 800 XM 154"
2009 Ski Doo 800 XP 154"
2006 Ski Doo 800 REV 151"
2013 Harley Davidson Slim


Klim, SCS Wraps, Summit Motor Sports, Sly-Dog, Ice Age

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