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Snow Testimonials

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed a testimonial in the past. If you would like to add your testimonial to this page please email it to Thank you!

I just wanted to take a quick moment to recognize you all at KLIM USA for outstanding customer service. I have been an extremely loyal customer of yours for years now and love your products. I purchased some KLIM boots for my wife a couple years ago when she was pregnant and apparently probably bought the wrong boots that did not fit her riding style. You guys after research did not find anything defective about the boots yet sent us a new pair that will work for her. In a time where customer service seems to have become not as important for many companies you at KLIM have obviously not conformed to that standard. The lady in customer service who communicated on many different occasions with me was extremely knowledgeable and awesome to work with. I can tell you that I truly appreciate what you do and how you do it.

Thanks again for second to none customer service and a great product!!!!


I am writing to thank you and your associates for being so helpful and professional during my warranty claim process. Some may say, "it's just part of the job", but a lot of companies have turned their shoulder on customer service and focus entirely on profits.

Klim has a satisfied customer for life. Now, if I could just pronounce it correctly...

Thanks Again,


Mike Duffy - Mountain Rider - CO I have owned top of the line clothing from the North Face, Marmot, Patagonia, Solstice, and Cloudveil in the last ten years. The KLIM clothing puts it all to shame. The quality and detail is amazing. Best clothing I have ever had. You guys have thought of everything with this clothing. Mike Duffy Avalanche Instructor.

Amber Holt - Mountain Rider - Idaho Klim puts every effort into quality! I have experienced that from day one. I remember when my husband bought some Klim bibs the first year they were out. He rode in those bibs almost 4 years! I was like WOW! Too bad they don't make snowboarding clothes! I am brutal…Seriously BRUTAL on clothing. I ride an average of 3000 miles a season in my Klim gear and it always holds up & always looks like new when I give it a cold water rinse. I LOVE my Klim Moto gear too. The only thing I have managed to mess up is the toe of my Adrenaline boots…I keep skinning them for some reason...but it isn't the boots fault...I think I am rubbing them on my side panel clips when I kick my foot. I put black silicone on them & it seems to hold & protect them alright. If you saw some of the tree well lines I have FT out of, I am ALWAYS amazed my clothing doesn't rip. However, Budd actually ripped his pants last year, his pant caught on my handle bar as he pulled away in powder. That was A LOT of force, though. Of course this is all user fault not the gear failing. I was sponsored gear by two other companies over the last two years, I gave the clothing an honest try, but it didn't last ten rides before stuff fell apart or had me soaking wet, & frankly it was not comfortable. I like the fact I can wear my Moto knee pads under all my Klim pants, the other gear ripped out the lining when I wore them. So I would just put them all away and pull out my reliable old pullover & free ride pants!? Amber Holt, ‘Mini’ Backcountry pro rider.

Jeffery Schauer - Mountain Rider - Nevada I have been using your gear exclusively since starting to ride. I ride every corner of the Western US for myself as well as Team Summit where we constantly push the limits both weather wise and reliability wise. Year after year from -32 degF to 45 degF your equipment and gear sustains the right temerature as well as breathablity and protection, without compromising comfort and ease of access. I currently use the entire system as well as my wife from Balaclavas to Boots....we wouldn't leave the trailer without our Klim... we often get heckled for our love of the product as at times we look like Klim advertisements....I can tell you without question we will be advocates at every turn for the value in your product... THANKS for adding a level of sublime ((from the Latin sublimis ([looking up from] under the lintel, high, lofty, elevated, exalted)) is the quality of greatness or vast magnitude, whether physical, moral, intellectual, metaphysical, aesthetic, spiritual or artistic. The term especially refers to a greatness with which nothing else can be compared and which is beyond all possibility of calculation, measurement or imitation. This greatness is often used when referring to nature and its vastness)security that the apparel offers.

Phil Kriesel - Trail Rider - WI After reading all of the testimonials on your web page I thought I would write one from Wisconsin. I bought my Togwotee Bibs and Klimate Jacket in December and I have ridden is some really varying conditions. We rode to Hurley in one of the coldest weekends we have had in a long time. The temps never rose above –6 F all weekend and when we rode out on Sunday it was –15 F. I won’t say I was warm but I was not cold either I was amazed at –15 F and 80 to 90 MPH on the railroad grade I couldn’t feel the wind. I also rode with the boys in the UP of Michigan we rode very aggressively and the gear moved the moisture out unlike any other gear I have ever had. Thanks.

Mike Norden - Mountain Rider - MN I am 50+ yrs old and a very aggressive rider. I live in Northern Minnesota where it is cold and the snow is deep. I put 2000 to 3000 miles on sleds each year 1000 or so of these miles are out west. Most of my riding is off trail and I am always looking for fresh snow. For the last five years I have worn the same pair of Klim bibs and jacket on every excursion into the snow and that includes one to two weeks a year of down hill skiing out west (You guessed it, I wear my Klim wear for this sport also and boy do I get some funny looks). I don't ski many trails there either. The more steep and deep the better I like it. The thing I can't get over is I have never gotten wet through my Klim wear! On many occasions the outside of my bibs and Klim jacket are soaked and have water running down them yet when I take the Klim wear off I am dry! Even after 5 years no water comes through them. I have owned many sets of supposedly "water proof" cloths but none, except for yours, have ever lived up to their promisses for more than a year. I am impressed. P.S. Did I mention how well built the Klim wear is. After 5 years all the zippers still work and still have all the original pull straps on them. I'm talking about 5 to 6 months a year of use and all the parts are still functioning. Thats unheard of! If my Klim gear ever wears out I will definitly purchase another set! Everyone in my family now owns Klim wear and they work it, and love it, as much as I do. Thank you for the top quality products that are so rare today.

Josh - Trail Rider - Alaska I just wanted to let you know how nice your gear is i own a pair of the free ride pants and also the everest pants. I went on a trip up at lake louise it was 30 below and there was about 9 of us in my group I was the only one with your products and i was also the only one that was warm. Im going to definately be purchasing more gear from you in the future I've never owned gear that kept me warm and comfortable at those temps it also is nice for the warmer temps because you dont overheat in them like you would with other products. Thanks for such a high quality product.

Vicki - Mountain Rider I was able to purchase a few items from Condotta Motor Sports in Wenatchee, Washington. They just arrived Tuesday, and I was able to pick them up today (Wed). I now own a balaclava, the aggressor set, the inferno, and the everest. Chris at Condotta's even gave me a Klim poster to put up with the snowmobiles; maybe it will help convert my dad! I'm just emailing you to say that I just LOVE the new stuff I got (He ordered me a set of everest, the aggressor pants, and the balaclava). I tried it on at the shop to make sure it would fit on my lunch break, and it was truly heartbreaking to have to take it off. I couldn't wait until I got home to put it all on. I put it on and spent some time outside (We have a bunch of snow here) and I was amazed. Normally with this little amount of clothing on, I'm shivering and running across the street so I don't freeze. I didn't get cold the entire time I was out there. I have never had anything that works even half as well as your clothing does; I will never again purchase any other brand. I only want the best. Thank you for making such an awesome product!

Chad Colby - Trail Rider - IL Klim clothing is simply the best, I am a pro cross country racer and for the pass two race seasons I have put their products to the test to say the least they have performed prefect! Honestly just buy some and see yourself why it's worth it! Chad Colby

Brendon - Mountain Rider I have been using Klim Sled Wear for 3 seasons now. I think back to all the money I wasted on “waterproof” gear and wish I would have bought Klim the first time around. I have been in rain, snow, sun you name it and at the end of the day you are still dry and warm. Last season was the first year with the klim gloves, I even bought a second pair because everyone knows gloves get wet. Well I never used the spares at all. Best gloves I have ever tried. I will never wear anything else again...

Darryl - Mountain Rider I ride at Revy nearly every week end from Dec to May and I have enjoyed wearing KLIM and being dry and warm for the past 2 years. Often we leave the?parking lot with rain falling and I am dry and warm all day long even for the ride out. After wearing KLIM for two years, I can honestly say buying my KLIM gear is the only time I have been truly satisfied with the performance and the money spent on snowmobile clothing. You will not be disappointed with KLIM.

Enzo - Trail Rider - Ontario I ride in Northern Ontario and was used to big bulky gear that really never performed. With major reservation, I bought the KLIM base layer along with bibs and a jacket. I never really thought it would keep me warm enough, but I soon learned that if your are dry then you can be warm without all of the bulk. I got caught in the rain one day and I was the only one of the group that was dry, everyone else was totally soaked (in their other supposed top of the line "waterproof" gear). I don't encounter rain every ride but the KLIM system keeps my body moisture away from my skin and I remain warm and dry every ride. I have since purchased several more KLIM pieces for my family, it is well worth the money and is the only gear I will buy.

Mark Stevenson - Trail Rider - Ontario I have been riding for over 25 years and can honestly say that my Klim suit is the best sled wear I have ever owned. Designed as a true "layered" suit it allows you to add or subtract layers according to weather conditions while the exterior lightweight GORTEX shell keeps you dry from rain or snow. With average 200-300 mile day trips in Northern Ontario. I have put my 3 year old KLIM suit to the ultimate test of high speed riding in HEAVY rain and COLD -30 degree weather. Regardless of the weather conditions my KLIM suit has always kept me comfortable.