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Purvines Racing Team Race Reports

We here at Purvines Racing had an weekend packed full of racing. Both the NHHA round 9 and the MRAN series had races held in Yerington NV & Pioche NV.

Nick Burson is back to almost 100% after the hand surgery and was able to grab a second place finish and stay within 15 points of the series leader forcing a final round showdown next month in the Johnson Valley desert next month. Axle Pearson charged hard to his second podium in a row, showing he is learning to be consistent and think on the bike. Axle will be a serious contender for the championship next year. A healthy Justin Morrow had to settle for a 5th place finish after battling in the dust and rocks with a KTM for most of the day. Curtis Bradley took the overall win in MRAN with a fantastic ride while Jeremy Purvines had a get off and got tangled up with multiple other riders, he was able to salvage a 9th place finish and

Nick Burson-

Round 9 of the National Hare and Hound series was held in Yerington Nevada. I had never raced in this area and wasn’t sure what to expect. Coming into this round I was 10 points down in the championship and really needed a win. Still only 8 weeks out from surgery I had only been able to ride 3-4 times. I felt a lot better then the last round but not 100% yet. The start of this race was going to be a different format then normal as the start was a lot shorter then normal. We were going to be starting by class, which meant our row would be a lot smaller then, normal. It was super dusty around this area so the start was going to be the main key to this race. When the banner dropped and we took off I had a decent jump but other people had better ones. I came around the corner in around 10th and by the time we all settled down on the trail I was around 6th overall. It was very dusty and I knew the leaders were getting away. I was trying to push thru the dust but it was really thick. Around mile 10-12 I made a pass on Ivan Ramirez and then had some clean air for a little bit. I saw my teammate Axel Pearson up ahead and was pushing to try and catch him. About halfway thru the first loop I got up behind him and I got by him. I tried to push as hard as I could for the rest of the loop to catch the leaders but never could see any dust up ahead. I came in and got a great pit and set out on the second loop. The loop was pretty short but a lot of fun. We got in the trees for a little bit and it had some really good rock technical sections. I came into the finish and was told I was 2nd overall. I guess something happened to Jake’s rear wheel and he had to pull out of the race, which put me up to 2nd. All in all a 2nd overall is nothing to frown upon except for the fact I lost some more points towards the championship. I sit now 15 points down in the championship with 1 round left.

Axel Pearson-

Coming into Rd.9 of the NHHA Series held in Yerington, NV I've had some good rides previous and was confident!! Plus the weather was really good for the pro signings on Saturday afternoon!!
Sunday morning we walked the 100 yard start (shortest H&H start ever) and put my bike on the line and waited for riders meeting!!

When the banner finally dropped my Beta 498 fired as quick as always and I jumped out!!! About half way I was side by side with Ricky Brabec, Skyler Howes, and Jacob Argubright but when we got to the end they pulled me and we headed up the first dusty wash pinned!! Ivan Ramirez passed me so I grabbed another gear and passed him a few hundred yards later!! I then pushed to catch Jacob and Skyler but as I got close I blew a corner in the dust clipping a rock which kicked me good but I saved it and then backed off and settled in 4th!!

After 10 miles we hit one of the sketchiest rocky roads ever so I just ride smooth!! Then I came into the alt. put they said I was 3rd and I wasn't sure how I got around Skyler but I found out later he went down and hurt his arm!!

My teammate Nick Burson then passed me down a rocky wash and I tried to stay close!! As we head out on the 2nd loop I pinned it and pushed hard but almost crashed down a sandy whooped out wash so I backed it off and cruised the last 20 miles to the finish for 3rd overall!!
This is my 2nd time on the podium and I couldn't thank our whole team enough!!
I want to thank Collin Woolsey for all his hard work prepping the best motorcycle and for helping myself with some trick parts for the race!!!

Justin Morrow-

Round 9 of the national hare and hound series. Justin Morrow

Well my start wasn't the greatest for this race I'm not sure if I choked on the line and barely twisted the throttle but my bike wouldn't start and it was flooded lol. So after getting the bike going I came from dead last off the pro line wide open straight into the white out of dust. I knew I had to ride aggressive and take chances just to get around everyone as fast as I could in hopes of getting up top again. So there I was again bush whacking and dodging the hidden land mines scattered through out the terrain. I was to excited with how things were going but I just kept charging ahead through the dust jumping out to pass people when I could. I passed a lot of people in the first 10 miles and worked my way up to top 10 I believe it was extremely dusty and rocky. I was following a 250 rider down a rocky gnarly silty road and It took me a while to get around him but I was able to make a clean pass and kept charging. After that I had clear air so I was able to pin it for a while until I caught Ryan kudla and I passed him in the alternate pit. The course was fun and I was feeling good riding clean air again until I caught up to Ramirez, and that just killed all my time and speed. I'm not sure if he was having a bad day but I followed him for about 40 miles going crazy. I would catch him in the gnarly stuff and then right when I would be trying to make a pass it would open up to a dusty road where I repeatedly got roosted, and I couldn't get by. It took way to long to get around him but I finally made a move on a very rocky trail and got by around mile 75. Still determined to find some more dust and catch someone else I charged until the end and was able to make a pass about 6 miles before the finish to take home 5th.

I would like to thank all my sponsors Purvines racing, beta, Klein gear, sidi boots, 6d helmets, motul oil, gpr, fasst co., Barnett clutches, ims, Tbt suspension, Dunlop tires and team mechanic Collin , and everyone with the purvines crew thank you for all the support

Curtis Bradley-

This weekend marked the 10th round of the MRAN desert series. I was looking forward to this race. We woke up early on Saturday morning, took care of a few things and headed out to the race. By the time we got on the start line, my head was in the right place and I was ready to rock. The start was going to be dead engine straddling the rear fender. I went over my starting procedure a few times and felt confident in my line. The banner went up and then down. I swung my leg over the bike, started it, and was off to the first corner in one smooth motion. I had a great jump and got to the corner in second right behind Harrison Malburg. The dust was thick so I backed off just enough to ride smart and not crash. I rode behind him for a few miles and put pressure on him hoping to capitalize on a mistake. I followed Harrison until I found a safe place to pass around mile marker 12. He hit a rock on a fast road and nearly ended his day giving me the edge I needed to get by. From that point on I settled into a groove and tried to stay as smooth as possible. My Beta 450RR was running perfectly and my TBT tuned suspension was handling superbly. Without any dust I continued to push the pace and be mistake free. By the end of the first loop I had a minute lead and realized I only needed to keep a comfortable pace to finish first overall. My second loop went perfectly, everything was hooking up just right. I finished first overall for the second time in career. I would like to thank all of my sponsors for making my dreams come true. I would also like to thank my picture perfect pit crew for all of their love and support.

Jeremy Purvines-

This weekend was the tenth round in the AMA MRAN District 26 series in Pioche, Nevada. I was excited for this race because I haven't raced there in over five years, and the area is really fun. They started my class in the second row with the over 30 class. I got a good start and made it to the first turn first. As I came around the second turn, I dropped off of a hill and hit a sand mound pitching me into a flying "w" endo. As I was going over, Gary Smith collided with me which resulted in both of our bikes on top of me. Ironically, I was lucky that the bikes landed on me because I got ran over a few times in which the bikes protected me by taking the blunt of it. After the dust settled and Gary got his bike off, I was able to get out from under my bike and remount. I rode a few feet before I noticed that the bars were bent and I pulled over. After getting Floyd's help to bent them back a little bit, I took off a little bit before the amateur line. I put my head down and just rode as hard as I could through the dust. When I finished the first loop, I was in 16th overall and Gary Smith was right in front of me. I got my pit crew's help straightening the bars some more and took off after Gary. At mile 12, I finally caught him and passed him! I tried putting as many people in between us as I could before we got to the trees. I made it to the finish in 9th overall and 2nd in my class beating Gary by three minutes. It was a great race course, and, despite my early mishap, I had a good race. I want to thank my pit crew for all of their help, Collin for prepping a great bike, and to the rest of our sponsors for supporting me!


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