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Get to Know KLIM Athlete Cole Wilfford

Rider Name: Cole Willford
Age: 36
Hometown: Fruita, CO
Years riding: Life Professional discipline: Hill climb racing, technical boondocking, free-riding

How many days did you get to ride last season? I have never been one to really keep track of how many days I ride in a year, but I try to take advantage of any opportunity to get out and this year provided a plethora of great rides.

Where’s your favorite place/reason to ride? I have been fortunate to ride many great areas throughout my career that offer a wide variety of snow conditions and terrain in the U. S. and Canada. My all-time favorite still leads me back to the mountains around Star Valley in between Alpine and Afton Wyoming, due to the overall steep terrain and technical tree riding it has to offer.

Describe your riding style: Probably the best way to describe my riding style is to attack terrain with an aggressive yet smooth and technically sound approach.

What’s the most-important thing for you to perfect in order to succeed on your next ride/race? The right amount of training in the gym and diet to fuel my body and muscles so that I have the strength and stamina to ride aggressive and smooth.

Who is your favorite person(s) to go riding with and why? My favorites to go riding with are Jared Sessions, Sid Huntsman, Keith Curtis, Tony Jenkins and Dan Adams. I have a friendship with all of these guys that always makes it fun and enjoyable to be out on the snow. We push each other to be our best and I always come out a better rider from a day with one of these guys.

What’s the one modification to your machine you can’t ride without? Oh man, there are so many to choose from but I would probably have to go with the addition of a Boondocker turbo. They make the impossible possible!

 What’s your breakfast of champions? Protein shakes and oatmeal.

What’s your off-season ride? A KTM 350 SX, a Trek top fuel carbon fiber mountain bike, and a CWB wakeboard.

What’s your favorite KLIM gear setup? My favorite Klim gear that I typically wear consist of the aggressor pant and shirt, KLIM socks, Free Ride Pant, Adrenaline Boots, Revolt Pullover, inversion Gloves, F4 ECE Helmet and the Radius Pro Goggles.

What’s your go-to mid-ride lunch? It's usually an overpriced protein bar or bag of beef jerky LOL!

What’s the weirdest thing you've seen someone take with them on a ride? Not sure if it's the weirdest? But once Keith Curtis cooked meatloaf for his lunch in his hot dogger. Let's just say the smell was very interesting!

 Have you ever seen Bigfoot or another mythical creature in the snow? Can't say that I have and I sure hope I never do to tell you the truth.


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