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Purvines Race Reports

Nick Burson-

This weekend I had another double-header in my schedule. We had Laughlin Hare Scrambles BITD on Saturday and D37 Checkers event on Sunday in Lucerne Valley. The BITD in Laughlin is always a fun event. I rode with my teammate Axel Pearson because my usual partner Justin Morrow came down with the flu. Axel started and headed out on his 15-mile loop and we were the 2nd bikes off the line. With Brabec and Abbatoye starting first and Dave Pearson starting 3rd behind us. Axel brought me the bike and I took off. I was trying to push hard, as I knew it was going to be hard for Abbatoye to lead and follow trail. I felt like I was riding well and making up some time, as I would catch his dust a little bit. Almost near the end of the loop I caught Abbatoye and was trying to get close enough to make a pass when I clipped a rock with the back right side of the bike. As soon as I did that I had no brakes. My first thought was that I bent the rotor but when I was going down pit row I looked back and noticed brake fluid all over. When we came in to pit and give Axel back the bike we found the problem and it was that I had knocked the Banjo Bolt loose and pumped all the fluid out. I don’t know what the odds of this happening are but they have to be close with winning the lottery. It was just really bad luck. Axel went out after we tightened the Banjo bolt and we were hoping the brakes would pump back up. Well they didn’t and when he brought the bike back after his loop we were in 3rd and not too far behind considering he had no brakes for the whole loop. At this point we had to swap the whole brake system. Our mechanic Collin did a great job and we were in and out in only a few minutes but with this race being so short we were already out of contention. We put on a good charge and made up time the rest of the race but in the end our effort wasn’t enough. We ended up 3rd overall for the day.

So after a semi-disappointing day on Saturday I was ready to get back in the win column on Sunday. I was a little worn out and my hands were sore from pushing so hard on Saturday but I knew I had enough left in me for this race. I rode the start a few times and had an idea of where I was lining up. It was really dusty and no wind so I knew I couldn’t afford a bad start. When the banner dropped my Purvines Racing Beta 498 fired so fast it actually kind of surprised me. But I was really happy it did. I held it wide open down the bomb and just aimed for the banner and stuck to my line. I made it there first and was on the ribbon with no dust in front. It’s really the best feeling ever to hit fresh course and have no dust in front of you. I rode just smart and consistent for about half the loop and then really got in a grove for the 2nd half and started opening up my lead. The Checkers D37 club laid out an awesome course with lots of single track and rocky trails which I was really happy for. I really like the technical trails and it makes the racing a lot more fun then just going balls out through valleys all day long. I came into the pits and got a splash of gas and fresh Xbrand Goggles from my dad and was back out to hit the same loop again. This loop went just as smooth and I extended my lead to over 5minutes by the finish. It felt good to end the weekend on a win. I’m looking forward to a few more local races before we have another National so I can get some more race time in and be on point for the next big race!!

Axel Pearson-

This week was a busy week for me with work, my brother leaving on his mission and having our team photo shoot just before the 2nd Rd of the BITD Series!!! As I wasn't planning on racing since my teammate was recovering from a crash at the national!!!

So Friday morning I left early to the photo shoot to find out that Justin was too sick to race so Ron Purvines asked if I could fill in and race with Nick Burson in the Open Pro class!!! And since I've been riding pretty well lately I was more than willing to race!!!

Saturday morning we decided that I would start and was to start 2nd behind Ricky Brabec and my cousin David Pearson would start behind me!!!

I left the line and settled into a smooth fast pace and had a good lap staying in 2nd and handing the bike to Nick!!!

Nick rode an awesome lap bringing the bike in 1st place on time but a rock had knocked our banjo bolt for our rear brake and all the fluid had leaked out!!!! So on my 2nd lap I rode a smooth pace trying not to over push with no brakes!!! But I laid it over on a small down hill, which allowed David to get by!!! When I got to the pits Collin did an amazing job switching out a new brake system on and off Nick went!!!! But we were down over 5min, Nick made up a min. or more but on my last lap I rode good making no mistakes but with how good David and Ricky were riding I didn't make up any time so Nick rode a good last lap to the finish which we were down around 5min in 3rd place overall!!!

It was an awesome race definitely one of my favorite races ever!!! Nick is riding so well and we had a great race but we had a little bad luck and that's how racing is sometimes!! We know our speeds there so we'll get them next time!!!!

Curtis Bradley,

Laughlin is by far one of the most exciting races of the year for me in Best in the desert. It is technical and rocky and just a whole lot of fun! We headed down to the race Friday morning around 9. We showed up and set the pits up. We then got ready for a photo shoot following tech and registration. Saturday the race started at 7:15 and Jeremy was slated to start this year. He was the first 250 off the pro line and had a very fast team made up of Nic Garvin and Ryan Smith who took off 60 seconds behind him. He came into the pits riding very well and handed the bike to me in first place. My loop was 19 miles and filled with technical rocky down hills and ridges. I took off and just wanted to ride the best that I could. I was riding very well until I hit about the 10 mile mark. The clutch had been rubbing on my bars and had loosened the banjo bolt. That action caused the fluid to leak out and eliminated any and all clutch use. I rode as hard as I could without the use of a clutch and got the bike back into the pits but I was caught by Ryan around the 15 mile mark. Collin and the rest of the team work feverishly to fix the issue.

They handled the leak and bled the clutch and we were back off and running. Jeremy had a good lap so from there on it was my job to get us back in the race. I rode my ass off and caught and passed 3 guys within the first 10 miles. The clutch problem had taken its toll on the transmission and from that point it let go. I looked it over and tried to continue but the problem was too bad and we had to call it a day. At the end of the day racing is racing and everybody has bad days. This was a bad day, but Jeremy and I will learn from it and
grow from this experience. Congrats to Ryan and Nic on the win! I would like to thank everyone for their continued support and for believing in us, we couldn't do it without you!


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