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Get to Know KLIM Athlete Matt Entz
“He just stepped out of the truck to pay for his gas,” Jesse Entz told me. I’m betting this tank was one of many for Matt Entz, who, as a KLIM athlete and owner of Mountain Skillz Riding School in Monte Vista, Colorado, thrives on throttling around tight tree runs and up the steepest ascents.

Driven by his family (his wife Jesse, and two young daughters Elly and Ashley), Entz portrays the humble confidence of a veteran rider, and is appreciated as so. This athlete is not stagnant, reporting that his goals are “always changing.”

If you’re looking for a coach or mentor, Entz is the guy. When giving advice to others, Entz says he tries to concentrate on, “each individual person.” He makes sure to, “watch and learn where they are on their own personal level…, help them to continue to improve form…, and to build confidence with each rider.” Industry reviewers and Mountain Skillz Riding School clients report that he’ll help dig you out again and again, and that his expertise and willingness to teach and share with you are unsurpassed.

“Matt’s ability to guide is unparalleled,” says Steve Marlenee in his article for Entz is described as captivating, a great motivator, professional, and patient. When leading his snowmobiling workshops, and even within his in-depth and interactive avalanche safety classes, he makes sure to take care of every client. Entz also has the adept ability to provide instruction for anyone—from the worst of rookies to competing experts.

Entz remembers the transition to riding professionally. He was out with the Boondocker riders when he realized, “it felt right at home riding with them.” Since then, he’s conquered never-seen-before drops with the Boondockers. There is “not really as much carnage as people like to assume,” Entz laughs. “I really evaluate the slope and want to be sure of the snow quality—first of all, that it’s safe and then just visualize (the drop) in my head—and the things I need to do with the sled.”

He feels at his best riding a Polaris Pro RMK 800. “It’s lightweight, dependable, and works extremely well for the kind of riding I like,” says Entz. Gear needs to be “comfortable… (and be able) to handle adverse conditions.” He is most often found in his KLIM Stealth bibs and jacket. “I used them about 100 times this year, so far.” He chooses KLIM because of, “the innovation and commitment to the highest level of quality in the industry.” They’re “always coming out with new and the best materials.” Supported by top of the line equipment, Entz is continually motivated to improve and to inspire others to get out riding.

Unceasing commitment to innovation and excellence are qualities we, at KLIM, are always driven towards. We are proud to call Matt Entz a KLIM athlete.


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