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The highest-performing long-distance street helmet has arrived. KLIM’s K1R is modern supremity, built around a carbon core and engineered for nothing short of a premium experience. Fatigue is killed. Vision is elevated. Acoustics and aerodynamics are balanced. Ventilation is perfected. Comfort is king. This is the new generation – light and strong and built for the best rides of your life.

K1R Karbon Full Face Helmet ECE/DOT

SKU: 3767-000

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11/2/2016 9:30 pm

Game changer

Gary Ingle

I love this lid! Even when wearing full-face helmets I've always needed to wear riding glasses to keep my contacts from drying out. Not with this one! I can ride all day and don't have to worry about it. It blocks wind so well it also helps a ton with music listening if you are so inclined. The lens is heavy duty and the auto-darkening Transitions feature is great. It prevents fogging with the added insert (which I've tried to fog up breathing heavily on a cool morning ride - but it just won't fog up) It is very lightweight which helps further to eliminate fatigue, which means more time in the saddle. If you're on the fence about it, don't be. It's a great helmet!

11/9/2016 2:28 pm

Klim you missed out in one thing - Louder than my Bell Rs-1


I’ve ridden this helmet the whole day testing it. You will feel that there is more space in the temples and in the head in general because of the round shape. The cheek pads are snug, you have a great field of vision and the pinlock insert that came with it works great. Ventilation is not as good and I kind of expected that coming from a Bell Rs-1. Major features are the crazy lightness, the transitions shield which works great and the looks with the red stripes and pure carbon fiber. Build quality seems very good but time will tell. Now let’s get to the mayor flaws of this helmet. Noise levels are insane for real. How can my Bell Rs-1 being a model from 2011, be quieter than a 2016 helmet made of carbon and “latest technology”. It’s a visor problem, you can feel wind coming through the upper part of the visor and for sure rain will come through too. I was really putting my hopes on this because I live in Ecuador and won’t be impossible to return it. Wait until Klim solves this issue.

2/18/2017 9:44 am

Klim K1R Super light

M. Ellis

Great price for all that is included. Looks great, and very comfortable. The Transitions lens with the pinlock works great. I will never buy a helmet unless it has the Pinlock feature, no fogging at all from that section that is covered. The Transition tints perfect when the sun comes out, not too light. You dont have to bring a clear for night or tinted lens or sunglasses for day. The first reason for 4 stars is that the lens has a lot of wind noise. The second reason I thought would be great but isn't, is the extra cushion for the straps, but they just get in the way of securing the straps.

4/26/2017 7:41 am

Nice Helmet and features work as advertised...


1) I cannot rave enough about the Transitions Lens/faceshield! Took the helmet to Florida, and in the really bright sunshine, the lens/faceshield automatically darkened up and was dark enough without being too dark. Great Feature. 2) Pinlock shield for anti-fog. Shield does not fog up. Tested here in Ohio (cold/wet) 3) Fit. Turns out my head is a "Medium" crown, but I have a "fat" face. Had to swap out the cheekpads in the Medium size helmet for "large" cheekpads (they are actually thinner…). Fits good now. Easy and cheap fix. 4) Overall. Now that I have some "seat time" my only concern that I can mention is that it does seem a little louder than my other helmets. Not incredibly annoyingly louder, just louder. The venting kept me cool down in the hot Florida Sun and it still blows me away how light the thing is everytime I pick it up. Great Features + Middle of the road price = a good bang for your helmet buck - especially for a full Carbon Fiber shell...

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