The Krios Helmet is the benchmark for adventure motorcycle helmets, setting standards in strength, performance and functionality while leaving traditional compromises behind. Four-ride-mode versatility, ventilation, and hand-laid carbon fiber construction make this one of the most capable adventure helmets ever made.

    KLIM developed the KRIOS ADV Helmet to destroy the conventional performance parameters of the modern Adventure Touring helmet. Innovative construction techniques and supreme material sourcing combine in the ultimate multi-function and completely versatile Adventure Helmet. It’s the only helmet weighing under 1500 grams in North America.

    See the path clearly ahead through optically correct face-shield technology, coupled with an industry leading field of vision.

    Focus on the road ahead and fully engage with the ride thanks to KLIM’s perfected Aero Acoustic performance. Combining sleek and stable aerodynamics, intelligent ventilation design and a premium liner system, KLIM makes it easy to keep riding mile after mile.

    To perfect the premium ride quality of the KRIOS, ADV test riders revised and manipulated every component in the real-world to ensure features such as visors and modular systems didn’t increase noise or reduce on-bike comfort. The result: Aero Acoustic and Aerodynamic excellence and high-level fit and finish ensure a premium experience on every ride.

    KLIM’s full-carbon KRIOS shell features a wide carbon weave at its core. Hand-laid for a perfectly consistent shell, each section utilizes optimal resin amounts to reduce weight and ensure uniform shell thickness and integrity.

    Mastering aerodynamics and functionality of visor-equipped helmets at high speeds is a huge challenge. KLIM developed the KRIOS to utilize aerodynamic visor and spoiler attributes to stabilize and put riders’ heads at ease.

    Thanks to innovative construction techniques and premium materials, the KLIM KRIOS meets or exceeds the most demanding ECE and DOT standards for motorcycle helmets at reduced weight compared to the competition.

    Klimatek™ Fabric liner systems utilize adaptive smart foam technology and anti-microbial/bacterial fast-wicking textiles.

    KLIM’s KRIOS helmet rebuilt the modular helmet mindset with a quick release shield and visor system requiring only a simple, 90 degree quarter-turn to lock/unlock. No tools required.

    KRIOS was born for Adventure and its intelligent ventilation system ensures riders will keep their cool when the terrain heats up. Adequate airflow through the chin bar vent and a closable top vent make it comfortable from slow-to-go.

    Quickly transition from Street to Off-Road or to any of four riding modes quickly and without tools . Innovative KLIM modular helmet technology allows riders to adapt the KRIOS to any riding need including KLIM Radius Goggle use.

    Premium Polycarbonate Anti-Scratch shield tech takes the lead with Pinlock® ready systems standard to ensure a clear road ahead. Clear and Smoke options available.
  • KRIOS provides a premium experience through High Performance Carbon-Fiber construction, four ride mode versatility, aerodynamic superiority and unrivaled acoustical and contact comfort.
  • Krios Karbon Adventure Helmet ECE/DOT

    SKU: 3510-000

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    9/27/2016 9:37 pm

    Lightweight and Quiet


    The Krios is 6 ounces lighter than the Arai XD4, 11 ounces lighter than the Shoei Adv helmet. On paper that might not seem like a lot but believe me when I say it is a huge weight reduction. If you own a adv helmet now you will feel it when you pick up the Krios. Wear it on your head and it feels like a feather by comparison. This is where you begin to see the benefits of a full carbon fiber shell. One of my concerns was the trade offs with this weight reduction. I was concerned about wind noise and aerodynamic lift with such a light helmet. The southwest is nothing but windy so this is an important consideration. Not only is this not an issue with the Krios but an improvement in wind noise and lift. The new Krios is much quieter than either of our previous helmets and no lift at 80 mph highway speeds in Utah. I may be guilty of exceeding that speed limit on occasion and still have had no issues. I dropped one size from my XD4 so check the size chart.

    9/30/2016 8:49 am

    Light weight, comfort and stability


    I expected the price to be much higher on the Krios, given what Klim charges for their clothing. I've ridden in an Arai XD4 and was ready for a change, as the Arai had some pressure spots, plus the head pull from the visor above 65mph was too much. The first thing that you notice when you open the box of the Krios is the weight. Really noticeably different. The fit is a little big, though my Large felt good, not too snug anywhere. I may need to move to some medium pads, down the road once things break in, we'll see. The real breakthrough though is the visor, as it's visibly separated from the shell, allowing air to flow through easily for stability. I've ridden in the helmet a few times now and it's insanely stable at speed. I stood up on my pegs and was turning my head all angles to feel for drag at 80+mph, yet it felt great. I can't wait to get out on a multi day ride with friends to see how the helmet feels with some miles under my belt, though great job Klim

    4/25/2017 8:27 am

    Best Helmet I have Ever Owned

    Dual Sport rider x

    I am what you might call a helmet slut, in that I own something like 10 different helmets at any one time. Snow, dirt, street, dual sport, all of it. Always looking for something better. Well, the search is over for dual sport. The new Krios is the best helmet I own, and that includes several carbon fiber helmets of other brands. The fit is perfection. The helmet is very quiet, and perfect for a communication system. It is SUPER light. You can actually feel the air flowing through the vents. But what really matters is how it feels and performs when you are wearing it. The low wind noise, light feel, great fit, excellent vision, quick adaptability and sharp appearance make it a winner in every respect. Wear it with goggles or shield, with or without visor, dual sport or street. Yep, it is spendy, but you truly get what you pay for with this one. Just ordered another for my riding buddy after he checked out mine.

    5/4/2017 10:04 pm

    Helmet Nirvana

    Bronson Kelly

    I saw this helmet yesterday at my local dealership and fell in love with the looks of it. I tried it on and I was impressed with the fit. I've been wearing an XD4 but I had to size up to get it to work with my oval head. The Krios fits perfectly, feels secure and comfortable. I got out for a couple hour ride today and it's as close to helmet nirvana as I've been able to find.

    5/26/2017 9:09 am

    Krios is Tops

    Tom Knox

    I purchased a Krios Karbon Adventure helmet shortly before leaving on my New Mexico BDR. This helmet was the envy of the group. Most of my friends ride with and Arai XD4. This helmet's weight is considerably less than the Arai. Further, the liner is so comfortable. I do find the snap system on the chin strap is hard to use with riding gloves. I ride with glasses and this is one of the most comfortable helmets on the market for this.

    4/7/2018 12:38 am

    Wow, great lid.


    I purchased this lid on Friday, April 6th, 2018, from Adventure Designs in Dublin,CA. We had a massive rain storm hit NorCal, and my 6 y.o. Shark Evoline ST2 was done. I’m new to Adventure Motorcycles, and just purchased a 2018 R1200GS Rallye. Everyone insists Klim is the best. I put a KRIOS on and here we go: This lid is weightless, you don’t feel it on your melon. I was concerned about the open mouth vent, I was schooled. I drove 35 miles (56km) over 1.5 hours through NorCal traffic, I had slow spots <20 mph, and over 80 mph. I had non-stop rain and some strong headwinds; not a drop on my face. What impressed me the most was how much dry cool air was circulating in the helmet, even with all the rain. Also, I don’t know if this is by design, but it seemed the peak did a great job of forcing air onto faceshield to push water away.

    6/11/2018 1:02 pm

    Fantastic helmet.


    Best adv helmet ever. Coming from using agv and arai, this is the lightest and stealth black looks a stunner too 👍🏽

    8/8/2018 8:27 am

    My head is worth it


    I've had the Krios for about a year now. Very light helmet, vents well, has awesome visibility and the size Large fits me perfectly. This is my go to helmet when taking my 1200 GSA off the pavement. My on pavement helmet is a C3 Pro also in Large which also is a perfect fit for my head shape. I think Klim hit a home run with this helmet. I've got a closet full of Klim gear for a reason. I'll spend the money for the best gear I can get because if I go down I want the best chance of getting back up.

    10/27/2018 3:47 am

    Great Protection for you Dome Piece!


    Purchased this helmet in the Valiance Dune color, which goes great with the Carlsbad Jacket. Prior to the purchase I was wearing my Fox V3 while I was waiting for the Kris’s to arrive and noticed a night and day difference in weight, noise ,and comfort the moment I put this helmet on when it came in. This is the lightest weight helmet I’ve worn to date. If your worried about cost, don’t! Buy Once Cry Once, it’s ypur head, and as a medical professional, I’m not going to put a price on my safety and the comfort it gives my family knowing I’m not cutting corners to save money. The other observation, I’ve learned about and love, riding in rain, fog and chilly mornings, the Pinlock does exactly what it states, it will not fog up and hinder vision through the visor. Overall, if your looking for a new lid to protect your dome piece, this is the one your should strongly consider.

    1/7/2019 1:42 pm

    Light and Comfortable ADV Helmet


    It's important to understand that an ADV helmet is a compromise between dirt and street so it will be heavier than a dirt helmet and doesn’t ventilate as well. This Transitions face shield is a new feature that I absolutely love! No more getting caught after dark with a dark shield. Visibility is fantastic and much better than I was used to before for situations like where you’re looking over your shoulder to change lanes. Chin curtain is NOT removable which makes drinking from a hydration tube interesting but I’d just tilt the helmet up so my chin kinds of pokes down and then I can drink. It keeps the helmet quieter but then again it also reduces airflow so it would be nice to be able to remove it. Cheek pads are hook and loop not snaps so easy to get in and out; washable too anti-microbial/bacterial with adaptive smart foam technology to mold to your face.

    2/12/2019 7:27 am

    Hands down my most favorite lid! Check out my review

    Michael Spadea

    5/5/2020 4:32 am

    comfi but dripping

    Eran Brokovich

    Very light and comfortable. huge peripheral vision. However it is not waterproof as water come through the visor seal. it is dripping inside when its raining and then it affects the pinlock. also very noisy.

    5/20/2020 2:51 pm

    Everything you would expect from Klim!


    I have had the Helmet for 8 months now and rode over 4K miles with it on and its been great! The Krios is very light weight, has a great field of view, and gives you all the options you could ask for when looking at ADV style helmets. The ventilation is spot on in the warmer months but can get a bit chilly when it cools down (look towards the Krios Pro if you like having an adjustable chin vent). One last note is Klim's sizing seems to run big; I wear a medium with Klim and a large in most other brands. All in all a great piece of riding gear!

    6/15/2020 7:38 am

    The Klim Krios Karbon Adventure Helmet has been a great addition.


    The Krios Karbon has been a great addition. I had been using a Schuberth 3CPro. Florida summers, cooling is tough to come by, with the Krios Karbon, I found my fulfillment! A great light-weight helmet, with great visibility. I ride during the hottest days shield up, but now I can fit my favorite eye-wear, and get excellent airflow thru the helmet. I ride highway & dirt roads, not completely long slow single track riding, but even in traffic, the air flow works with the shield up. I had concerns over the visor & highway riding; I didn’t even know it was there, except the shading provided was an added benefit. Wind noise with the Krios Karbon is actually comparable to the C3 Pro. I use a Cardo PakTalk, and wind noise doesn’t seem to be an issue with the shield up. The helmet padding/cushions are the most comfortable I’ve had. I’ve tried on the other adventure helmets, but the Klim fits and performs the best, for me, and feels the lightest. 2018 R1200GS.

    8/12/2020 8:47 am

    Awesome! Lightweight and quiet!

    Stephen B

    I have had this helmet for a year and half and multiple trips. Love it. It is a bit snug to pull on and off, but that helps dramatically with helping to limit the interior noise. Flat out the quietest helmet I have ever used, and love the lightweight for long days in the saddle.

    9/28/2021 3:49 pm

    Love the helmet but there is a design flaw

    Ewan Ferguson

    I've worn Arai helmets for as long as I can remember, superb fit but the features are simply lacking compared to other bands. I wanted a large vision port, good ventilation, light weight helmet, transition shield, pinlock functionality, adjustable cheek pads.. Klim Krios was the only one that ticked all the boxes. However, there is a major downside and its the internal design. Behind the forehead pad are vertical molding pieces with gaps between, great for ventilation but terrible for a smooth fit. After 2 hours of riding and the helmet pressing against my forehead from the wind, these molding cause intense irritation and pain. Two options: either increase the padding thickness or remove the moldings, I choose the latter with the help of Dremel and then replaced the entire section with some thick foam. Voided the warranty? - yes. Improved a design flaw - yes. I had already used the helmet several times and I couldnt find anything else suitable so modification was my only real option.

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