KLIM Places 1st and 2nd at 2015 Iron Dog

Rigby, Idaho (March 2, 2015) - KLIM sponsored team's finished 1st and 2nd place Sunday in Fairbanks. Team 20, Scott Faeo and Eric Quam finished the over 2,000 mile race first with the fastest time of 41:46:52. Coming in second was Team 7, Aaron Bartel and Scott Davis with a time of 42:32:47. 

To say this year's Iron Dog was a challenge would be an understatement. Besides the overall abuse from fatigue and mechanical issues. Teams this year had to face a variety of weather related problems not usually associated with the Iron Dog, namely water and thawing tundra. Water crossings, miles of dirt and mud trails ended up being a normal site for these racers.

KLIM was there every step of the way. That's why the majority of racers in the Iron Dog choose to wear KLIM, with our extremely durable and waterproof materials riders can focus on the race and not worry about their gear. 

Congratulations to all the racers, volunteers and everyone who made this year's Iron Dog one of the best.