Purvines racing NHHA Round 4

This past weekend was the 4th round of the NHHA series. We batted the extreme winds to get to the desert of Johnson Valley late Friday evening so the boys could ride a bit on Saturday to practice starts & prepare for the Sunday race. The winds died down a bit for race day and the weather was pretty nice. The boys started the bomb practice early and both of them commented on how fast the bomb was going to be. Nick told me he was able to pin it in 5-6th gear on the first run down it. 

Nick lined up to the right while Axle chose a line on the left. At the end of the bomb, where the course turned right, it was a sea of orange with the KTM's pulling the entire field on the 1.5 mile fast bomb run. Nick came thru the corner in 5th place ahead of the kawasaki and Axle's line choice put him in 12th, but at least he was able to improve his start off the line dramatically. I will let the boys describe their races. I noted that almost all the passing within the top 10 took place in the first miles of loop 1. When they came thru the pits after that loop the order stayed the pretty much the same till the finish. the KTMS passed the Kawi in the pits after loop 2 when the kiwi had a mechanical. 

No excuses, but it was a tight race dusty race threat the day & we are proud of our team for staying in there and pushing to the finish. We turn right around and head to UTAH this weekend for round 5 while the rest of our team heads to race the Silver State 300. Race reports to follow next week.