Blue Ribbon Coalition, KLIM award amazing giveaway to local rider for joining the fight for responsible land access.

Michael Anderson didn’t think about winning a prize as he joined the Blue Ribbon Coalition. He just thought it was the right thing to do for the sport he loves. So he signed up at off a recommendation from the American Motorcyclists Association (AMA). And while he didn’t intend to win, he certainly did.

KLIM® and the Blue Ribbon Coalition/ teamed up earlier this summer
to build support for preserving off-road riding access and drive memberships to the Blue Ribbon Coalition/ effort. KLIM® thought big and worked with one of their top off-road athletes to show how serious they are about preserving the right to ride. The big prize: Cody Webb’s 2015 KTM 300 XC SuperEnduro World Championship Race Bike.

So, while their first-annual Cow Tag Off-Road event (showcasing their backyard playground/testing lab in Idaho) came to a close, KLIM® and Blue Ribbon Coalition representatives drew the winning name and Michael Anderson became the newest owner of a KTM Factory race bike.

“I joined the BRC because I felt it was the right thing to do for a sport that I truly love,” Anderson said. “I never even thought about winning Cody Webb's bike... although I cannot wait to ride it!

Organizers were extremely happy to award the prize to a true off-road enthusiast.

“Michael is the perfect example of how we all should feel about supporting our sport,” Said John Summers, KLIM’s Marketing Manager. “I love how he ‘gets it’ and the passion he has. Without each individual’s involvement, we don’t ride. Everyone who rides an off-road bike needs to have Michael’s vision and passion.”

“I would like to thank the AMA for reaching out to me to help support the BRC and the BRC for all of their efforts to keep trails open for everyone to enjoy. I have been riding and racing dirt bikes for over 42 years and am always concerned about having a place to ride. Keeping our riding areas open requires money, time, and effort and I would encourage everyone to contribute to this cause! Thanks again to KLIM®, the BRC, Cody Webb, RPM Motorsports, and all the other sponsors for helping raise money to keep our trails open.”

If you’d like to join KLIM® in supporting off-road trail preservation and the advocacy groups fighting on the front lines for access for off-road recreation, we encourage every riding enthusiast to make membership in local and national riding organizations a priority. To learn more, please visit