KLIM Backcountry Team




Chris Burandt:


Chris may have one of the coolest jobs on the planet. To be able to be on his snowmobile 11 of the 12 months is pretty incredible. In those 11 months he’s exposed to just about every single adverse weather condition imaginable. His gear choice and equipment setup really is the equalizer in making these times spent on the snow incredible versus unbearable. He chooses KLIM because in his line of work, there is no option for bad days or compromises.




Dan Adams:


43 years old

Alpine, Wyoming

Sleds: Polaris 850 Axys RMK’s

Favorite riding area: South Willow Creek

Dan runs two small businesses; Next Level Riding Clinics in the winter and Blacktop Pros in the summer. One business requires a ton of precipitation and the other can't have any!

He got into snowmobiling as a necessity to access the backcountry to ride snowboards. He grew up snowboarding and became pro during his late teens and early 20's. Snowmobiling became the winter sport of choice for him primarily because he started riding sleds as comfortably as he could snowboard. Not waiting in lift lines nor rushing to get fresh snow was a freedom that he had never had before. Snowmobiling has been a passion for him ever since he started back in 1996.

His first sled back then was a 1996 Polaris Ultra. So crazy to think how far we've come since those days!

2019 marks his 11th year riding for Polaris Industries and his 6th for KLIM. Dan and his team also just finished up their 10th season at Next Level Riding Clinics.

His riding clinics have been a major component to his career as a backcountry rider.

Snowmobile enthusiasts from all over the world travel to NXT LVL to learn the basic fundamentals of off-trail mountain riding from him and his crew of instructors. Each and every day they teach a clinic, they emphasize not only how much fun we can have on a snowmobile, but also the dangers we sometimes face and how to be prepared for Mother Nature's ever- changing conditions.

His favorite riding area is basically his backyard. He has lived in the Jackson/Alpine area his whole life and thinks the terrain there is although dangerous at times, the most challenging and rewarding mountains he’s been able to ride. Specific details to his "honey holes" are always kept secret to just his core group, but there are a ton of them within less than an hour from his house!

In closing, backcountry snowmobiling is truly an amazing sport. The snowmobiles we ride today are allowing us to access more and more terrain than ever before. The power of these machines makes it possible to climb, sidehill and navigate almost any mountain so with that comes a respect that has to be given to the environment. His advice to the snowmobiler in all of us is to always leave the trailhead prepared and remember this; "Ride safe, ride smart, ride often and ride to ride another day."




Matt Entz:


He is a 37-year-old family man from southern Colorado. He grew up a farmer but his real passion was snowmobiling in the mountains. Through an awesome journey of hard work and opportunity he has made snowmobiling his career! He and his wife own/operate Mountain Skillz where they specialize in personalized technical mountain riding instruction and motorized specific avalanche education. As much as he loves riding, he equally enjoys seeing others succeed.




Keith Curtis:


Keith Curtis (born April 15th, 1987 in Dillon, Mt.) signed with Polaris Industries in 2008 as a Factory Polaris Hillclimb Racer. Since then, he has become the most winning snowmobile hillclimb athlete in the world with 243 first place finishes, 105 overall King titles, 41 World Championship titles, 5 King of Kings titles, 48 points championships, and has been voted racer of the year 4 times. In previous years, he competed on snowmobiles and snow bikes at X Games. Curtis is also very engaged in the Hard Enduro world of dirt bike racing, completing the infamous Erzberg rodeo in 2017 with a 20th overall finish, and finishing 8th overall in Gold at Red Bull Romaniacs in 2016. Other dirt bike achievements include competing for Team USA at the 2013 ISDE in Sardinia, Italy, winning Amateur Endurocross in 2012 in Las Vegas and taking 1st place at the Stix and Stones Hard Enduro in 2018. Keith is a tri-sport athlete pursuing the competing dream!




Julie-Ann Chapman:


Snowmobiling has always been a passion of hers since she was a little girl growing up on the east coast of Canada sledding with the family. She moved to the mountains of BC 15 years ago and since then her passion for snowmobiling has boomed. She wanted to share her passion with people so decided to start She Shreds Mountain Adventures 9 years ago. Teaching women how to progress in the sport has been beyond fun! Bringing people (men and women) out on fun adventures in the backcountry has brought her to some of the most beautiful & pristine places on this earth! She is based out of Nelson BC, with operations in Pemberton BC as well. She also travels all over BC to teach – Revelstoke, Whistler, Valemount, Golden, and now to Quebec and the United States. Safety is always #1 on her mind when she takes clients out in the backcountry. She has been published in over 15 snowmobile magazines across the world and was awarded the BCSF "Snowmobiler of the Year" from the House of Commons of Canada in 2013. She has been part of the KLIM team for almost a decade and beyond proud to represent the best gear on the market.


She feels so fortunate to see where her passion for the sport and her business has taken her.




Cole Wilford:


Introduced to snowmobiling in his early childhood years, snowmobiling quickly became his passion in life. In 2008, he took his abilities to the RMSHA HillClimb circuit. Throughout years of competition he has achieved 4 World Championships, 5 RMSHA points titles and an invitation to the 2015 X-Games Hillcross event held in Aspen, CO.


Shortly thereafter he teamed up with Chris Burandt at BBA and took his backcountry riding skills to the outdoor classroom. He began helping teach inexperienced riders how to navigate the steep, treacherous backcountry terrain we all call our playground. With guiding operations in Colorado, BC Canada and Chile, he has been fortunate to have traveled to and explored many spectacular riding areas across the world. To this day, he continues to compete in hillclimb racing and splits his free time between helping guide and traveling across the western Rocky Mountains riding and helping other riders pursue their passion for snowmobiling.




Ross Robinson:


Born and Raised in Central Oregon, Ross was always drawn to action sports, but snowmobiling ran through his blood. His Grandpa did it, Dad did it; so naturally, he did it. He always wanted to push himself, so for graduation, his dad sent him to Colorado to ride with none other than Chris Burandt. After riding with Chris at the age of 17, snowmobiling had been redefined for Ross. With a strike of luck and the right skills, he landed a job alongside Chris. Now, he guides six days a week, riding his snowmobile all over the world, and documents it all. He is very grateful to be able to push his riding to the limit 150 days a year.




Jared Sessions:


Jared Sessions, Adrenaline, family and fitness is life! He works at Boondocker performance where his job consists of R&D in field calibration and testing. Yes, he rides and tests snowmobiles and SXS for a living! Married to his best friend and adventure partner! Loves the powersports industry and the people he meets and the friends acquired along the way. Horsepower is his game, customer smiles are priceless! He’s been part of the KLIM family since 2000 and member of the prestigious KLIM Backcountry Team with some of the best snowmobile athletes there are!




Brock Buttars:


Brock is the first Timbersled Snowbike riding member of the KLIM Backcountry Team. He lives in Cove, Utah, with his wife and kids, and 8 year old daughter and 6 year old twin boys that all ride motorcycles.

His wife Marci bought "their" first motorcycle when they were still dating.

He started desert racing in 2005 when took 1st overall novice the first two races, overall Amateur in the fourth, and the last race of the season, he took 6th overall Expert.

He has raced AMA Hare and Hound, hare scrambles, EnduroCross, ISDE qualifiers, motocross, arenacross, enduro, adventure bike rally, grand prix and the Jackson hole hillclimb. He continues to race and ride motorcycles every chance he gets.  

When he was introduced to the Timbersled Snowbike, he had a 220 hp Boondocker turbo snowmobile. It only took one day on the Snowbike and he was sold. Since then, he’s been pushing the limits of the bikes and gear in the backcountry, showing the world, and inspiring others to get out and Live the KLIM Life!




Justin Thomas:


Justin started riding at a young age and was hooked. Most of his winter is spent practicing and improving his skills as a rider. Other hobbies include mountain biking, dirt biking, golfing and mostly anything outdoors. Highlights during his career are multi semi-pro points champ, 2015 X Games Hillcross silver medalist, 2019 X Games Snow BikeCross racer, three-time 600 mod points champion, multiple world championships, 2018 King of Kings at Jackson World Championship Hill Climb, and becoming a member of the KLIM Backcountry Team.




Andy Thomas:


Ride. Work. Sleep. Repeat. That pretty much sums up the life of Andy Thomas. He lives in Idaho Falls, Idaho, where he works full-time as a lineman. In the winter, Andy spends every free minute building and racing sleds for the RMSHA Circuit and chasing fresh snow in the backcountry. He has won four World Championship titles, earned five points championships, and was selected as the 2017 RMSHA Rider of the Year. In the summer, Andy loves racing motocross and riding single-track in the mountains.




Brandon Titensor:


Brandon Titensor is 31 years old and lives in Auburn, Wyoming. He and his wife Kirsti have three boys, Haydon, Colson and Jaxon.

All his life he has been blessed with a great family and great influences. He has been racing snowmobiles for 15 years and just finished up the 2019 season with RMSHA placing top 5 in four of his five classes. He feels that one of the best decisions he ever made was to ride in KLIM gear. He has been with KLIM since 2015 and is part of the KLIM Backcountry Team.




Gabrielle Hockley:


Growing up in Cranbrook, BC, within the Rocky Mountain Trench; it was completely natural for Gabrielle to start riding snowmobiles at the age of three with her family. Living in this area provided her with the opportunity to ride in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, with some of the best riders in the world.

During the summer she switches gears, competing in wake surf at a professional level. But you better believe the moment winter arrives, her KLIM gear is back on and the powder is where she is all winter long!