KLIM Warranty

Due to supply challenges and increased demand if your item is deemed replaced under warranty, we may not be able to immediately replace your item with an exact product.   Please be patient as we resolve these issues.

Submit Your warranty claim in 3 simple steps: 

1. Login or create a new account with us on KLIM.com

2. From the "My Account" page select "Cases" at the bottom of the menu. 
3. Select "Submit New Case"


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Dealers, please CLICK HERE to login to the KLIM Dealer Website to submit your claim.

Warranty/Repair items that need to be washed and dried prior to being processed will be assessed a $25.00 cleaning fee and could be delayed up to 4 business days.


KLIM Warranty Policy


General Warranty Terms

We warrant *every product we make to be free of material, manufacturer, or workmanship defects for the **practical lifetime of the product. Additionally, all KLIM GORE-TEX® products are GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® for the **practical lifetime of the product. If these products fail due to a manufacturing or material defect, we will repair the product without charge, or replace it at our discretion. This warranty is not transferable.

* KLIM BOOTS are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one [1] year from the date of purchase. Aggressive running boards will accelerate the wear and tear on the soles of the boots. This is considered normal wear and tear.  General warranty terms apply.

* KLIM GOGGLES are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one [1] year from the date of purchase. Scratches and fogging are not covered under this warranty.  General warranty terms apply.            

* HELMETS are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for five [5] years from the date of purchase.  General warranty terms apply.

*Heated product, Gloves and mid-Layers. Garment and Heating Systems have two [2] Years.

*Products distributed by Klim on behalf of another manufacturer are subject to that manufacturer’s warranty.

* All dyed/pigmented fabrics will fade under UV exposure (sunlight) over time. Klim fabrics are highly UV resistant, but HI-VIS fabrics will fade at a faster rate than normal fabrics under the same UV exposure. This is a normal property of all HI-VIS pigments/fabrics and is not considered a manufacturer defect and is therefore not covered under our lifetime warranty.

** What does the practical lifetime of the product mean?  The practical lifetime of a product is not indefinite. The intensity under which the product is used determines this factor. Materials will deteriorate and fade over time and moving parts will wear out. We design our products to endure extended periods of use. Use your best judgement, if it looks worn out then it likely is.  It may be time to simply replace your product, we hope you will give Klim the opportunity to enhance your experience in the most demanding conditions.

The following items will void the lifetime warranty of the product even if the issue is unrelated to these damages:

- Rips, tears, cuts - Burns, abrasions - Accidents, crashes - Improper Care, negligence - Normal wear and tear - Modifications, alterations - Use other than the product’s intended purpose


Please wash and dry your garment before sending it in.
This will avoid a $25.00 Cleaning Fee and up to a 4 business day delay in processing - required prior to the evaluation and to insure the health and safety of our employees. Please follow the care instructions on the inside tag. Care instructions are also available on our website. http://www.klim.com/Care-Instructions


In the United States ask to add a signature request to return delivery for $3.50. 
Klim assumes no responsibility for products during shipment from the customer to our Warranty Department. Please be sure to ship the package with a carrier that can provide tracking and insurance.
Once the warranty is complete, we will contact you letting you know that your item will be shipping out to you. Please let us know when setting up the case if you would like a signature request. Should you live in an area that you don’t feel comfortable with it being delivered at your front door, or know you potentially will be out of town during delivery, we can add this for $3.50. This guarantees that the item will not be left at the front door unless it is signed for.


For cases covered by warranty, normal processing time is about 5-business days once warranty receives the item.  During our peak seasons the process time might be longer.  
If the product is a non-warranty repair (customer paid repair), the typical processing time is 10 business days. Pricing varies - after your product is assessed, we will contact you with a quote and request that you approve the charges. The 10-day processing time goes into effect once we have your approval. Keep in mind if your product has to be washed and dried it could cause a delay of up to 4 business days.


If a manufacturing or material defect is found, we will first repair the item to Klim quality. This is how the repair vs replace decision is made:

- Our first option will be to repair the item, free of charge. Repaired items will be subject to available parts. We will do our best to match colors and styles, but we cannot guarantee that you will receive the exact product back.

- If the product is not repairable, or if the cost of repairing the item exceeds the cost of a new one, we will replace it - at our discretion.