If you are involved in a motorcycle *accident within FIVE YEARS of purchasing *qualifying KLIM® gear, KLIM® will replace the damaged KLIM® gear FREE OF CHARGE.

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At KLIM, we build our gear out of the best materials available, every time, with no exceptions. We’ve explored every option of waterproof/breathable technologies for the snowmobile and motorcycle rider and found that only GORE-TEX® brings the complete package of durably waterproof, supremely breathable and incredible comfort to your ride.

Some technologies do some things well, others do other things well. But nothing does it all like GORE-TEX®. Our partnership with Gore is highly involved and if there were better technologies out there that could deliver similar results and services that Gore does, rest assured we would put our name on them.

We’re confident that if you want the best there is, KLIM and GORE-TEX® are the only way to go.

GORE-TEX® is a highly evolved technology in waterproof/breathable garment construction. It’s not a top-coating on the outside of a fabric and it’s not a magic system of weaves. KLIM’s GORE-TEX® construction is a customized combination of layers processed precisely into what we call laminates. Like a layered cake or sandwich, A KLIM garment featuring GORE-TEX® technology incorporates multiple layers.

A Two-Layer GORE-TEX® piece (like many of our Performance Shell jackets and parkas) features a laminate combo that is simply two-parts: an outer fabric and a GORE-TEX® membrane. The GORE-TEX® membrane is bonded to the outer fabric (outer shell of the garment) only. This provides high wearing comfort, flexibility and versatility/simplicity in the designs of clothing because the total laminate thickness is generally lighter. The GORE-TEX® membrane is easily seen in a Two-Layer piece as a white, slippery surface on the inside. These products usually incorporate a wicking inner liner (mesh) to help protect the GORE-TEX® membrane from wear and tear as well as enhance breathability.

In a Three-Layer GORE-TEX® piece (like all of KLIM’s pants and bibs and everything in the Pro Shell category like the Valdez Parka) the Gore membrane is bonded to both the outer fabric and an inner lining. This eliminates movement, friction and, as a result, excess wear and tear on all layers of the laminate. A Three-Layer piece also allows for advanced construction techniques like Comfort Mapping. The main benefits of a Three-Layer GORE-TEX® piece from KLIM are increased durability throughout, higher potential levels of breathability and a more robust build/feel.

KLIM takes great pride in providing the most comprehensive Warranty in the industry. No other brand stands behind their products like KLIM. From our GORE-TEX® GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® Promise to our Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, you can buy KLIM product with confidence.

It’s easy. Simply fill out the form here, KLIM WARRANTY. You can also read full KLIM Warranty policy for all product classes on this page.

As always, KLIM Customer Service is available at 208-552-7433 or via live Chat to answer questions directly.

At KLIM, every warranty claim is handled personally and professionally by our in-house staff. For over 12 years, KLIM has been building and standing behind the best riding gear in the world. Our warranty team is unmatched at delivering personal, professional service.

Every claim starts with an evaluation and cataloging process through Customer Service. Once a product has been arranged for return to KLIM Headquarters, our in-house warranty team steps into action. Every piece/issue is handled on a case-by-case basis with exceptional care taken in evaluating, testing and tracking solutions to each claim in line with KLIM’s Warranty Policy.

All aspects of our Warranty Process are handled with a strong focus on efficient communication to the customer. From laboratory testing to professional repair, KLIM strives to provide more value with every transaction.

Please see our Warranty Page for information and instructions on how to start a Warranty Process and more Warranty information.

Every Warranty Case at KLIM is unique and our system is designed to give every customer’s issue focused attention. Average processing times range from 5-10 business days starting the day after the product arrives at KLIM HQ.

KLIM has developed and embraced many unique construction methods and materials into our riding gear over the years. Two of the most commonly used terms in our Snowmobile product line are Comfort Mapping and Zonal Technology. The theory behind each system is similar and the result of each is improved comfort for the rider. But the application and method differences are significant.

The easiest way to differentiate between the two is this: Zonal Technology involves insulation and Comfort Mapping is a specific GORE-TEX® construction/laminating method. Both keep the hot areas of your body cooler and the cold areas of your body warmer during your rides—increasing your overall comfort balance. Here’s a breakdown of each:

Zonal Technology

- KLIM’s Zonal Insulating Technology incorporates differing layers of insulation to affectively control heat retention across the body. Areas that are prone to rapid cooling and affected by head-on wind-chill will be given greater levels of insulation while areas of the body more prone to overheating and sweating will receive less or no insulation. Zonal Technology is a custom built gear intended to enhance the human body’s inherent physical properties of heat retention and cooling via insulation.

- KLIM’s Keweenaw Parka is a perfect example of Zonal Technology. The underarm area has less insulation than the chest. Why? Because the underarm produces more heat, requires maximum breathability. Adding uniform insulation across the entire pattern will have you overheating sooner than a Zonal system. The chest takes full frontal beating in frigid environments. Increasing insulation here aids in maintaining excellent heat balance across the body.

- Another key benefit from Zonal Technology is the different types of insulation KLIM can incorporate into designs. From silver-based antimicrobial insulation to siliconized highly compressible and non-bunching insulation, KLIM garments can be completely engineered to work with your body.

Comfort Mapping

- Comfort Mapping is best described as controlling GORE-TEX® laminates to maximize the body’s comfort. In addition to the inherently durable waterproofness and supreme breathability GORE-TEX® is known for, Comfort Mapping brings more comfort to your ride. Comfort Mapping controls heat loss and breathability by adding materials to the GORE-TEX® laminate—usually on the innermost layer next to the body.

- With Comfort Mapping, gear designers and material engineers can custom tune a garment to be maximally breathable in areas like underarms and lower back while adding other benefits where relevant. Whether its protection from conductive heat loss for the body or adding more durable abrasion-resistant materials to keep garments lasting longer, Comfort Mapping is the most advanced custom tailoring method used in today’s non-insulated GORE-TEX® outerwear.

- KLIM’s Valdez Parka is the only piece in snowmobiling taking advantage of Comfort Mapping Technology. Its inner layer is a complex design of materials bonded directly to GORE-TEX® Pro Shell. The arms, shoulders, back and underarms all have different levels of Comfort Mapping.

- Comfort Mapping adds incredible comfort to non-insulated garments without adding bulk, loose hanging layers or compromising the flexibility of premium outerwear shells.

KLIM incorporates integrated armor into many motorcycle jackets and pants. Also, some products (such as the Traverse) have armor pockets which are able to accept optional armor pieces. KLIM sells two kinds of optional/replacement armor: D3O® and what we call “CE”. The main differences between KLIM’s optional armor kits is in the technical way each absorbs impact, the impact ratings of certain pieces and how the armor interacts with the human body during normal, non-impact riding movements.

Impact Ratings: Both the D3O® and “CE” lines of armor available from KLIM have the same impact rating on the extremity or “limb” pads (elbows, knees and shoulder). There is only one level of rating for these areas. Only in the back pad does D3O® reach a higher rating. Here, the D3O® product reaches a Level II rating where the “CE” product is rated at a Level I.

Impact Performance: D3O® is an "intelligent armor". Its molecular structure is capable of reacting to impacts based on the speed or rate of movement (how fast it compresses is another way of thinking of it). When an impact occurs (high rate of speed/shear), D3O® absorbs the impact as the molecules lock together and spread out the force of the impact.

“CE” armor is a more basic padding structure. Its high-quality foam core provides good shock absorption in line with CE standards for limb and back pads. The foam works organically, absorbing impact through compression and dispersing across its foam structure.

Interaction: D3O® has an advantage over some other forms of armor in that it retains a softer, flexible state when not impacted. This makes D3O® very desirable for riders who don’t want to feel their pads until they need them, so to speak. The highly flexible properties are possible because regular riding movements are generally low in speed and when moved slowly, D3O® molecules flow freely.

KLIM’s “CE” pads are constantly the same density and have the same flexibility when impacted or when moving slowly. Most riders notice the presence of CE pads more than D3O®. Your personal preference will determine which padding is right for you.

KLIM manufactures parts of and whole products all over the world. As a technical apparel company with an intense appetite for the absolute best, KLIM sources raw materials and other ingredients from multiple countries (including here in the U.S.). Many of our materials require highly specialized manufacturing that is only done in a few places in the world. For instance, some of our GORE-TEX® laminates originate in different parts of Europe before being shipped to Asia for final finishing. Also, the thread that holds much of our gear together is sourced out of Texas.

In the pursuit of the absolute highest quality in our gear, KLIM products are only made in the best factories in the world. That is the single most important takeaway in any manufacturing discussion.

It’s important to note that just because a product is produced in China, Korea, Vietnam, Sweden, or anywhere else KLIM products are made, doesn’t mean it is cheaper in cost or lower in quality. While brands can and do travel to Asia to find factories that will build for the lowest cost possible, the gains in margins aren’t generally worth the reduction in quality. There is still a lot of truth in, “You get what you pay for.”

There is no easy way to show our customers the effort we take into selecting a factory. But we are very confident our products are produced in the highest quality factories in the world. KLIM’s decision to rely on overseas manufacturing is not based on pricing. It is based on quality first and sustainability thereafter. With all that said KLIM truly wishes we could produce our products here in the United States; however, in the short term, that’s simply not possible.

Consumers who buy direct from KLIM are able to return or exchange current model items that are in new, resalable condition (the tags should be on them and they have to be a current item) at any time during the model’s currency. This simply means the product must be current and in new condition.

Unfortunately we do not offer any alterations on the Adventure Rally, Adventure Rally Air, Badlands, Latitude, Altitude Jacket and Pants. We do offer alterations on our snow outwear, please contact customer service for more info.

Yes, we do offer minor repairs. Each request is determined on a case by case basis depending on the extent of damage and the product. Repair pricing varies depending on the job. After your product is assessed we will contact you with an estimate. Typical repair processing time is 10 business days starting the day the estimate is accepted. Warranty/Repair items that need to be washed and dried prior to being processed will be assessed with a $25.00 cleaning fee and could be delayed up to 4 business days. Contact KLIM Customer Service at 208-552-7433 or via live chat.

We do not currently offer custom embroidery outside of our dealership teams, marketing or Sales projects and media requests. If you feel you have a great embroidery project we should take on for your dealership, contact the KLIM Regional Sales Manager in your area.

We do not make custom pieces. However, we LOVE your product ideas, feedback and reviews. There’s no better place to give your ideas then by emailing us at ideas@klim.com.

Current job openings will be posted on our website HERE Don’t see your area of expertise listed? It never hurts to send a resume. We like to keep resumes on our virtual bench even if we aren’t hiring. Send resumes to jobs@klim.com

KLIM sets its pricing policy in line with maximum support for our dealers. We have a strong relationship with them and rely on our dealer network as the official eyes and ears of our brand.

You won’t find current KLIM product on closeout or with steep advertised discounts. This policy protects and supports our dealers and ensures KLIM quality is preserved throughout our brand.

Non-current items may be discounted per dealers’ discretion (certain restrictions apply) and this is often a very good deal for the buyer. Whatever the case, we strongly recommend starting at your local KLIM dealer for your buying experience.

Check it out; if you go to our website and click on the Dealer Locator section at the top, you can search up to a 200 mile radius of any State, City or Zip code. All the dealers listed are considered stocking dealers, meaning they should have inventory for you to choose from and can special order straight from KLIM.

Call Customer Service M-F 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. MST at 208-552-7433 and we will get you in touch with your area’s Regional Sales Manager. Or go to KLIM's Dealer Portal and click to sign up.

Zippers are like Chains !They need maintenance too. Depending on the environment your riding in depends on how often you need to perform this very simple Task. The main zipper on your jacket get the most use therefore it needs the most love. Below is the simple task of keeping your jacket working like new. This works on all zippers!

What you need:
A little cup of water
Soap or dish soap if available
Old tooth brush
Dry Silicone spray or pen, Klim has the Pen

Take your jacket with the zipper closed, open if its stuck, and dip the tooth brush into the water and gently work it along the zipper making sure to use plenty of water to flush out dirt and debris. If your jacket wont zip up do this to each side. At the bottom or the zipper head make sure to really let the water get in there to flush out the dirt. While the zipper is still wet start to work the zipper up and down to clean out any leftover debris. Do this about three or four times. You can let the zipper air dry or pat dry with a towel. Now it’s time to apply the dry lube. With spray its best to have the zipper closed or the jacket zipped up. Lightly coat the entire zipper with the dry Silicone spray. Work the zipper up and down three to four times. Pat dry any excess and your good to go. If using the pen you will go through the same steps but no need to dry off excess.

Field Fix no spray, pen, or tooth brush

If you have a hydration back blow into the tube and pressurize your hydration bladder. Now you have a Minnie pressure washer. This also works if you are stuck in your jacket. Use the mouth piece and wash down the zipper with the pressurized hose. Repeat the steps above until you dislodge all the debris. You can sub the Spray with a candle or candle wax, Chap stick or Wax paper. Do not use oil this will only make things worse!

Glad you asked! Check out our Care Instructions HERE